Spiritual companionship/direction

Spiritual companionship…spiritual direction? What do these terms mean! That is a fair question in this modern world of ours with its strong emphasis on individualism.

The practice stretches far back into the history of the Christian Church and still provides life for many on their journey of faith. The Christian walk is a challenging one. Some times are ‘uphill’ and there are also moments when we seem to lose the path and wonder where we are going and what it is all about. Even when the walk is going well it is often helpful to share with another ‘traveller’ who stands just a little back from us and can see what we often cannot see. The traditional term for this sharing of the faith is spiritual direction but for some spiritual companionship or accompaniment is a more helpful description. There is often enormous value in sharing our journey with someone who can listen, encourage and draw our attention to issues that we might have missed. Simply being ‘heard’ is a great gift in our busy, noisy world. The core question is “who/where is God for us?” and so it is focussed on God and His/Her place in our lives. For Chris the story of the disciples on the Emmaus road wonderfully captures the essence of spiritual accompaniment. Devastated, disillusioned, lost and hopeless Jesus comes alongside the disciples and listens, asks some key life-giving questions, opens their eyes to new ways of ‘seeing’ and so transforms their lives.

muddy road
When the road gets a bit tricky!

Chris was ordained as an Anglican minister in 1979 and has experience in spiritual direction. He has also been on the Board of the Centre of Christian Spirituality for some years. While resting and being renewed at Riversong Retreats there is the possibility for sharing in this journey with Chris. It can be a helpful time of reflection.

There is always a session of spiritual direction offered with each retreat. For each additional session R400 is usually charged.

View from wooden deck
View from wooden deck, a reflective spot